New York City Urban Photographs
Shadow Photographs
Fire Escape Photographs


Urban Series

Fire Escape 1 Fire Escape 2
Fire Escape 3 Terraces
White Wall 1 Urban Shadows 1
Urban Shadows 2 Urban Shadows 3
Urban Shadows 4 Urban Shadows 5

As an urban photographer, I try to shoot early in the morning or at dusk when the light is best for capturing interesting plays of shadow. In New York City, however, shadows appear at any time of day because of the juxtaposition of architectural elements. What I intended in this group of black-and-white photographs was to capture geometric and/or abstract design elements created by light and shadow. I think black and white works best here, creating a somewhat mysterious effect. To that end, I have manipulated the photographs slightly to enhance that quality. The city is an ever-changing source of light and shadow for the black-and-white photographer, and I try to take full advantage of its offerings.

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