Rhea Malinofsky - Architecture Series

Photographic Groupings

It has occurred to me that many people, myself included, like to have their photographs in a grouping or series of 2, 3 or even 4 images with similarities that complement one another. I have, therefore, taken some of my photographs and made groupings that I feel work together. I hope you enjoy seeing them this way.

Series 1

These 3 photographs are hanging in my home as a series. I feel that the vertical, horizontal, and slanted lines, together with the stark black and white coloring, work well together.

Series 2


These two photographs just naturally belong together. They were both caught as each dancer was in midair, which was no easy accomplishment. These are usually bought as a pair.

Series 3

Slot Canyon 1 Slot Canyon 2 Slot Canyon 4

While these are actual slot canyon photos that were photographed in Arizona, they appear more as abstract designs because of the up-close-and-personal macro images. Together, however, they are separate parts of a whole.

Series 4

Orchids Bouquet Lilies

While I enjoy many flowers in color photographs, I find that black and white brings out the intricate forms in a better way.

Series 5

Fall Color 2 Fall Color 3 Fall Color 4

Fall colors

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