Rhea MalinofskyBlack and White Photography

Welcome to my primarily black-and-white fine-art photography portfolio consisting of medium-format monochromatic black-and-white images captured on my classic Hasselblad camera and 35mm black-and-white and color images captured on my Canon 5D digital camera.

For me, photography has never been about what it is or where it is. I leave that to photojournalists. To that extent, I see black-and-white photography as having everything to do with form, composition, line, light, and shadow, while color photography can often be distinguished solely on the merits of beautiful saturated color. I suppose that is why I prefer black-and-white photography: It cannot simply depend upon color if the composition doesn't work fundamentally. On the other hand, there are images that work very well in color if, in fact, the composition works as well, and I have included some here that I feel do work in that sense.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images nearly as much as I did capturing them. Please feel free to contact me with questions and/or comments.

- Rhea Malinofsky

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