• International Center of Photography, NYC
• School of Visual Arts, NYC
• St. John University, Queens, NY - MA
• Queens College, NY - BA

• Henry Schein, Inc.
• Building Products of America
• Hewlett-Packard
• Forrest-Scott Gallery
• Private Collections

• Communication Arts
• Photographer's Forum Magazine

• SoHo Gallery
• Queensboro Gallery
F-Stop Magazine

• Architecture
• Landscape
• Still Life
• Abstract

Rhea's love affair with photography began about 30 years ago while taking a painting class at a local college. During a break, she wandered into the photography lab down the hall, and what she witnessed on that serendipitous day would forever change her artistic focus. In the darkroom, she happened upon a peak photographic moment. Someone had slipped a sheet of paper into the developer tray, and Rhea experienced, for the very first time, the seemingly magical emergence of a black-and-white image. She was transfixed. She states, in fact, that it was transforming and, to that extent, she has never looked back. The wonderment continued as she discovered her photographic "eye," developed her camera skills, and began her quest to capture images of her own. To this day, many years later, Rhea will still stop dead in her tracks when she happens upon that eureka moment. It could be 40 feet down in a slot canyon in Arizona or simply walking along a Manhattan street. She knows it when she sees it; it is her own personal vision, and it defines her.

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